SLLS Membership Registration / SLLS 会員登録

Sign Language Linguistic Society


To proceed with a registration for the conference TISLR14, please fill in the form below and pay for the membership fee of SLLS first. Once this payment is completed, you will be connected to the registration site for TISLR14 automatically.

Note: Membership fees should NOT paid through the website, but instead only pay them directly to TISLR14 as part of their registration process.

Membership Fee

Regular Member : 90.00 Euro until next TISLR
Student Member : 30.00 Euro until next TISLR
Researchers from developing nations : 30.00 Euro until next TISLR




一般会員 : 90.00 ユーロ (次回TISLR迄)
学生会員 : 30.00 ユーロ (次回TISLR迄)
新興国研究者 : 30.00 ユーロ (次回TISLR迄)

* Mandatory field / 必須項目

*Family Name / 姓

*Given Name / 名

Middle Name / ミドルネーム

*E-mail address / Eメールアドレス

(Confirm E-mail / 確認のため再入力)

*Affiliation (University / Institute) / ご所属先(大学、機関、企業名)

*Affiliation (Faculty / Department) / ご所属先(学部、部課名)

*Country / 国名

*Membership Category / 会員種別
Regular Membership / 一般会員 (90.00 Euro)
Student Membership / 学生会員 (30.00 Euro)
Researchers from developing nations (30.00 Euro)

*The next payment page is connected to "PayPal" which is the online payment service provider. Please enter the same e-mail address in the payment form of PayPal as you entered the above. Otherwise, the payment will not be recognized as yours and the payment confirmation might not be sent to you.